My name is Patrick Nobbe, Hello!

I am an animator and motion designer currently living in Plano, TX. I received my BFA from Cornish College of the Arts and a certificate of Character animation from Animation Mentor. I am always looking for new experiences and I consider everything a new opportunity to learn and grow as an artist.

Patrick Nobbe

Zenith from Nawbeman on Vimeo.

I love Dave's Killer Bread. Not just because its a tasty product, but because each type of bread has a different character on the label, my favorite being powerseed. Inspired by this, I naturally had to animate it.

Animation is mine.
Character design and logo belong to Dave's Killer Bread.
After the attack on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941, Americans realized that they were not as far removed from the war across the sea as they thought. In fact, it was quite possible for them to lose this war. In February of 1942, a science fiction novelist by the name of Philip Wylie published an article on the possibilities of losing the War. in response, Life Magazine created a set of maps, detailing the routes and battle plans the Nazi's might use to invade the U.S.

My goal on this project was to bring these maps to life through animation while holding on to the style and illustrative quality of the original. I wanted to really visualize what this invasion would look like and change it from arrows on a map, to an advancing army on the march.

Nazi Invasion Plans - Animatic from Nawbeman on Vimeo.

Nazi Invasion Plans - Test Render from Nawbeman on Vimeo.

The original maps, as they appeared in Time Magazine:

A project for my Type in Motion class at Cornish College of the Arts, Junior year. The assignment was to create a 5 second transition between two opposite words. I got Simple and complex, so this is what I produced. Done in Cinema 4D and composed in AfterEffects.

Simple/Complex - Word Transition from Patrick Nobbe on Vimeo.

This was the final project for my Type In Motion class at Cornish College of the Arts, Junior year. The assignment was to take the 7 deadly sins and create a type piece displaying those qualities. My idea was to relate the words to different parts of the city (Lust: a strip club, Pride: a football stadium, etc.) and have the words, personified as beings relating their corresponding sin. Done using C4D & Aftereffects.

7 Deadly Sins from Patrick Nobbe on Vimeo.